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Hanukkah “Hijacked” by Black Lives Matter? According to Some Jews

Do Black Lives Matter? Not According to Some Jews! What happens when a Jewish publication announces that one Jewish organization will be remembering the lives of 8 African-Americans killed by police in the United States during the eight days of Hanukkah? Certain Jews get angry and show how little Black lives …

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Something Old, Something New: The Story of Hanukkah

The story of Hanukkah is nothing new to those of us who grew up in Jewish households. The years of our youth are filled with the memories of playing dreidel, receiving gelt, and lighting Hanukkah candles. This is how I would describe the celebration of Hanukkah. The story of Hanukkah …

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Black Jewish child studying the Torah to become a Bar Mitvah

Food For Thought: The Consequences of Not Studying Torah

Yesterday, I sadly witnessed a Jew who abandoned their obligation to serve HaQodesh Barukh Hu (The Holy One, blessed be He).   When I was asked why and how this could have happened? I reflected back to when I was taught, that when a person neglects their obligation to study …

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Complete Parashath Wayishlah (With Dramatic Audio Reading)

  Parashath Wayishlah Bereshith/Genesis 32:4-36:43 CHAPTER 33 CHAPTER 34 CHAPTER 35 CHAPTER 36  

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Watch Genesis Movie: Ya’akov and Esau With African Actors

Watch African actors from Mali play Ya’akov, Esa’u, Hamar, Dina and the Canaanites in Genesis the Movie Mark Deming summarizes the film: The Bible’s Book of Genesis is given a new spin by director Cheik Oumar Sissoko in his film La Genèse/Genesis, which recasts a famous story by relocating it …

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African Actors From Mali Play Jacob, Esau, Dina and the Canaanites

Have you ever watched any of the Hollywood produced films about events in the Torah or Tanakh and just felt uncomfortable seeing obviously non-European people portrayed as and by Europeans or even Turks? If so, you have probably wished that there were movies about events in the Bible with characters …

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