What does the Jewish bible teach about angels? Judaism's view of angels is very different than the Christian New Testament and modern Western theology on angels. Listen to this class and find out how.

All About the Angels: What Angels Are and What They Do

So you’ve heard that ‘Satan’ is an evil and “fallen” angel who took one third of heaven’s angels with him in rebellion against the Holy One of Israel.  You’ve been told that everyone has a guardian angel. Can you ask these beings to help you? Can you command the angels to do your bidding as some people advise? Are there ‘good’ angels and ‘bad’ angels? Join West African Jews of the Diaspora Torah Study as we examine the bible's teaching about angels from the Jewish or Hebraic, Israelite perspective. The angels of the Torah and Tanakh are not the angels your preacher told you about.

Our founder, Rabbi Yehudah BenLewi addresses these issues and more from the Torah and Tanakh as well as the teachings of Israel’s judges, sages and prophets.

Angels: What Does the Hebrew Bible Teach About Them?

Join us as we examine the Hebrew scriptures and expound on the doctrine of angels from the Judaic/Jewish thought and ideology, as our ancestors believed and taught them. This is a rare open Mishne Torah class.

  • An angel is a messenger of the Most High
  • An angel can be a spiritual being.
  • An angel can also be a literal human being
  • Spiritual beings are incorporeal. They do not have forms or bodies
  • What about the angels with wings and faces in the Bible?

Understanding the context when reading about angels in the Torah/Tanakh is essential to understanding whether the messenger is human, a spirit being or a ‘figurative’ messenger. Listen to the class on the player at the top of this article.

The majority of our Mishna Torah classes are private and for registered students only. Please share this teaching with your friends, family, loved ones, leaders and study groups. Thanks for listening and please consider supporting our efforts through a financial donation to West African Jews of the Diaspora.

(Aired February 21, 2016)


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