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Call In for Live Passover-Preparation Class: What Goes on the Seder Plate

Don’t miss out on this free class on preparing your Seder plate for Pesah (Passover/Pesach). Rabbi Yehudah will be teaching us about the origin of the Seder plate, the correct symbolic items we should have on the Seder plate and what they represent. “Passover” or Pesah season begins this Shabbath …

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Baking Soft Massah (Matzah) For Passover

How to Make Soft Massah (Matzah) For Passover Our forefathers, or should I say fore-mothers, baked massah daily for Pesah (Passover), in their homes. I believe that this tradition should be revived (or continued, depending on your personal history) among Israel. Tradition has it that Rabbi Hillel (one of the head …

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