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Sukoth: Check Out This Fun Visual Guide!

Fresh for Sukoth! The creative folks at Aish have made this beautiful and fun info-graphic for the holiday! Check it out! In this Sukoth info-graphic, you will find the sequence of events for this joyous Jewish holiday season, with  traditions such as waving the lulav and etrog, as well as …

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Ten Quick Rules of Sukah Building

Let’s briefly and informally address the laws of building a Sukah. The Sukah must have: Four complete walls, Be big enough for a person to sit and eat in, Be at least 23-28 inches wide, The walls must the same height as the Sukah, The height of the walls must be …

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Sukoth: A Season to Remember God’s Protection and Providence

Sukoth (Shelter/Tents) is a time to remember that HaShem sheltered us when we left Misrayim. This season we once again remember the providence of HaShem, for He protected us from the harsh heat of the sun and from the elements surrounding us. and that we gather in our harvest of …

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