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All About the Angels: What Angels Are and What They Do

So you’ve heard that ‘Satan’ is an evil and “fallen” angel who took one third of heaven’s angels with him in rebellion against the Holy One of Israel.  You’ve been told that everyone has a guardian angel. Can you ask these beings to help you? Can you command the angels to do …

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Does Israel Need Non-Jewish Religions?

Do Jews need Islam, Christianity or any other religion made by non-Jews ? JUST A REMINDER FOR THE LOST: I was in-boxed by someone who believes that Israel would be shown how to serve G-d (the Creator of heaven and earth), through a religion made by non-Jews. I’m posting this …

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Black Jews and Hebrew Israelites’ View of “Mainstream” Judaism’s Racism

Is Racism in Judaism against Black people inherent or injected? After reading a social media post, made about Jews, or more specifically about Black Jews of ‘African American descent’ that proclaimed, “Jews are not real or original Hebrews of the land of inheritance” based upon the fact ”Jews are white” and …

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Mishne Torah Studies: The Doctrine of YHWH

West African Jews of the Diaspora’s Mishne Torah Studies: When: Sunday, May 10, 2015, @12PM EST and 9AM PST Subject: The Doctrine of  YHWH We will continue on in Sefer Madda, Hilkhoth Yesode’,  HaTorah Chapter 1, 8. Our last discussion highlighted the doctrine of G-d’s Oneness in the light of other …

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