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Who Said We Can’t Electricity on the Shabbat? (According to Torah)

You can’t use electricity on the Shabbat-or so you’ve been told  Is using electricity equivalent to kindling a fire, as the Torah forbids?  

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All About the Angels: What Angels Are and What They Do

So you’ve heard that ‘Satan’ is an evil and “fallen” angel who took one third of heaven’s angels with him in rebellion against the Holy One of Israel.  You’ve been told that everyone has a guardian angel. Can you ask these beings to help you? Can you command the angels to do …

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Call In: Mishne Torah Class: All About the Angels

Join us at West African Jews of the Diaspora for a rare, open Mishne Torah class today, where we will be discussing angels from the perspective of the Torah, the Tanakh and the teachings of the sages of Israel. What is the nature of the angels? What is their relationship …

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Food For Thought: The Consequences of Not Studying Torah

Black Jewish child studying the Torah to become a Bar Mitvah

Yesterday, I sadly witnessed a Jew who abandoned their obligation to serve HaQodesh Barukh Hu (The Holy One, blessed be He).   When I was asked why and how this could have happened? I reflected back to when I was taught, that when a person neglects their obligation to study …

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