Hanukkah “Hijacked” by Black Lives Matter? According to Some Jews

Do Black Lives Matter? Not According to Some Jews!

Jews Angry over remembering the lives of black victims of police violence and murder during Hanukkah

What happens when a Jewish publication announces that one Jewish organization will be remembering the lives of 8 African-Americans killed by police in the United States during the eight days of Hanukkah? Certain Jews get angry and show how little Black lives actually do  matter to them.

I came across the following article searching for imagery of African Jews celebrating Hanukkah. The Jewish Daily Forward published the article “8 Nights of Hanukkah for 8 Black Lives Lost” on December 16th announcing that, “Jews around the world” will “commemorate the Black victims of police violence in America”, or  “At least, that’s the hope of an ad-hoc coalition of social justice activists who have launched “#ChanukahAction: A Jewish Day of Action to End Police Violence.”

Do Black Lives Matter to White Jews? Apparently not by their comments on a Jewish Daily Forward article.
Unarmed African-American victims of Police violence/murder being remembered by Jewish organization.

The article goes on to list the names of 8 Black victims of killing at the hands of American policy enforcement officials, all of whom were unarmed when killed. Included among the dead are 7 year-old Aiyana Jones who was murdered as police stormed her home in wee hours of the night as she slept. The officer who shot her will not pay a price for taking her life in the court systems as it stands. 12 Year old Tamir Rice and a 14 month old defenseless infant are also mentioned in the article. #BlackLivesMatter

The challenge for those who wish to support initiatives like #ChanukahAction is to consider the suffering [of?] Other (sic) as integral to the vitality of our collective community — to remember that so long as others are in pain, our own victories cannot be complete.

When Black Lives Don’t Matter (Isaiah 53 speaks of this)

After calling for readers to show compassion for the suffering of others the responses were less than humane, less than sympathetic, empathetic or even civilized. Please note that this is the second article about Black victims of police violence and killing on Jewish publications where I have observed a similar attitude by too many Jews who classify themselves as “White”.

Keep in mind that the Torah repeatedly commands the Jew to be passionate for justice for the poor, the weak, and the despised. Black people in the United States of America and even outside of it most certainly meet all three conditions since the establishment of the system of White Supremacy.

“To do justice and righteousness is more acceptable to HaShem than sacrifices (Proverbs 21:3) Sacrifices were in vogue only while the temple was in existence, but justice and righteousness must exist with and without the temple. Sacrifices atoned only for sins committed in error, not for presumptuous sin: justice and righteousness atone for all sins.”-Midrash Devarim Rabbah

#ChanukahAction cpa hoffman deflects to black people killing black people when Jews are reminded that black lives matter. Emilsitka deflects from the importance of the lives of African American victims of police violence by invoking Black man who stabbed a white Jew in a Brooklyn yeshiva. Black Lives Matter FellowJew makes it clear that Black people and Black lives have NOTHING to do with Hanukkah which is all about Jews. Certainly there are no Black Jews with lives that matter are there? #ChanukahAction #blacklivesmatter Jews complain about the call to remember 8 Black victims of police violence during Hanukkah. #ChanukahAction #blacklivesmatter Jed Doinick tears down article on Jewish Daily Forward about #ChanukahAction #blacklivesmatter Israeli-American, Ned Sadeh says that #ChanukahAction #blacklivesmatter is an attempt to "hijack a Jewish holiday". His son is on the NYPD. Sam Snyder and Segalite chime in about "black thugs" as well.

Times of Israel readers “embarrassed” that rabbis are marching with protesters of police violence in Ferguson, Missouri.


Reading these comments, I have to ask if Black lives matter among non-black Jewry?

-Ebony Franklin



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    JewISH. Jew-ISH. Jew=Judah. Judah ONE TRIBE OF 12. There are 11 other Prominent tribes and everyone can’t be from one tribe. ISH means something like, kind of like but not THE REAL DEAL. Rev 2:9

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