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Mishne Torah Studies: The Doctrine of YHWH

West African Jews of the Diaspora’s Mishne Torah Studies:

When: Sunday, May 10, 2015, @12PM EST and 9AM PST

Subject: The Doctrine of  YHWH

We will continue on in Sefer Madda, Hilkhoth Yesode’,  HaTorah Chapter 1, 8.


Our last discussion highlighted the doctrine of G-d’s Oneness in the light of other major world religions (Islam and Christianity) and the positive miswah (commandment) to study, in order to get an understanding of G-d (His nature and the knowledge of Him found in creation). We also touched on the halakhic and spiritual implications for a Jew who decides to leave the path of Torah, for other religious persuasions.

Our next discussion will focus on the concepts of anthropomorphisms found in the TaNakh and the importance of understanding that YHWH does not have a form, body or an image. He cannot literally be compared to anything in creation. We hope to see you there Be’H!

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