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Moreh Mordekai Gordan: Thoughts on Parasha Bereshith

“Think about it, your prayers, my prayers on a daily basis help keep things in balance.”

Moreh Mordekai was gracious enough to share his thoughts with us on parasha Bereshith and the unity of the people Israel.

Read some of the excerpts from the video below.

As you can see now, we are post, a very wonderful day in Israel. We had Simchat Torah: Dance with the Torah scroll. Also, we finished the book of Devarim and we’re now beginning Bereshith, which for me it’s a very interesting and profound place to be in the evolution of our people and creation.  My name is Mordekai ben Yair, or Mordekai Gordan.  I have been a part of our community for a very, very long time.

Recently, I have been studying with Rabbi Yehudah BenLewi and also have studied with Rabbi Hailu Paris and Rabbi Gersham Catano from New Jersey and many other rabbis… over the decades.

As I said, This is a very interesting time, a profound time in our evolution. What I think about Bereshith and looking at the leaves outside, in New York city and in New York state, we have wonderful changes in the leaves. It brings to mind what the whole notion of Bereshith has been about: The evolution of change. The profound change that humanity has to go through to come to get to the point where we are humbled- humbled by the notion that we don’t know everything.  As rabbis have often taught and reminded me. That sometimes we know a lot  about little and we think we know everything.

So in this particular Bereshith (parasha) for me is a wonderful time because it reminds me again that the very essence of creation, the possibilities, the limitless possibilities we have at this moment- completing the Torah itself, um, a profound joy and a profound state of oneness.

All around the world, the globe, Israel has done the very same thing at the four corners. Can you imagine that?  Completing the Torah and beginning the Torah all at once. So, in looking at Bereshith, I see great possibilities of what our community and what the world can be. If you think about the world today and the chaos that Noach experienced, we are at that moment in time…

Can you imagine that? We are at the brink, where HaShem can at any moment say, “you know what? I’ve had enough!”,  because the world is totally chaotic. But because of the prayers that we say everyday, we stave the disasters that can be. Think about it. My prayers and your prayers on a daily basis help to keep things in balance. As the prophets have reminded us, and I have said it many times in the congregations that I’ve spoken to,  that only Israel, only Israel have the power to summon HaShem and He would cause the sun to stand still. Moshe rabbeinu reminds us, “Has there been another nation on the earth like Israel who have had this power?”  No there has not been.

So at this particular time in Bereshith, you are now at the beginning and you can do great things with the power that you now possess. So study Torah greatly, and great will be your reward.
Shabbat Shalom!

Moreh Mordekai ben Ya’ir.

Listen to Moreh Mordekai by playing the video below/

Parasha Bereshit is the first weekly Torah portion in the annual Jewish cycle of Torah reading.Genesis 1:1 – 6:8.

How were you inspired by the parasha Bereshith?

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