Rabbi Yehudah BenLewi Releases First West African Jewish Prayer Siddur!

West African Jews of the Diaspora proudly announces the release of our Siddur Projects.

Authored by Rabbi Yehudah Ben Lewi, our Friday Night Siddur and complete Shabbath Siddur are monumental projects in the history of West African Jewry.  The Siddurim celebrate our rich history as Jews of the West African descent, and our geological footprint as Jews, leading up to our heritage in the Americas and the African Diaspora.

West African Jews of the Diaspora Releases Shabbat Prayer Siddurs for Shabbat evening and the complete services
West African Jews of the Diaspora’s Shabbat Siddur

The legacies of Rabbi Ford, Rabbi W.A. Matthew, Rabbi Haiyim White, Rabbi Tate, Rabbi Levi benLevi, Rabbi Eliezer Brooks and others of blessed memory are highlighted. Our siddurim document many of the rich and exclusive traditions passed down by our great Rabbanan and elders, which are consistent with halakhic authority.

Legacy of Rabbi Wentworth Matthew featured in West African Jews of the Diaspora's Hokhmath Israel Shabbat Siddur

In addition to these exclusive features, the format in our siddurim is not found in any other siddur thus far. Both the Friday Night Siddur and the complete Shabbath Siddur are composed using a linear Hebrew and English transliteration (phonetically written according to our tradition i.e. ו =w, ת=th, תּ=t, etc.) with an English translation on the same page, making it effortless to correctly pronounce the prayers and blessings in Hebrew even if you do not read Hebrew text.

We have heard complaints from some congregants that using other Siddurim can be difficult for those who do not read Hebrew text and wish to follow along and learn Hebrew while reading in the congregation. Our unique format will provide you and your congregation the ability to  read the prayers and blessings in unity, regardless of the level of Hebrew reading, speaking and/or comprehension.  The English translation guarantees that beginners in Hebrew reading and speaking are edified by understand what is written in Hebrew and transliterated.

WAJD Easy to Read Hebrew Translinear Hebrew to English Transliteration Siddur www.westafricanjews.com

If you need the complete prayers for Shabbath, you will want the beautifully designed blue laminate hard cover, complete Shabbath Siddur. This is a revised edition of the first print of the historic siddur from  West African Jews of the Diaspora. Be sure to order at least one for your family today. Be a blessing to a married couple and their home by giving the Hokhmath Israel Siddur as a wedding and/or anniversary gift. Add a unique and beautiful siddur to your rabbi’s personal collection. Siddur Hokhmath Israel is also perfect for congregational readings in Shabbath services.

Siddur Hokhmath Israel:Shabbath Prayers

(Complete Shabbat Siddur)

West African Jews of the Diaspora's Hokhmath Israel Shabbath Siddur; Featured in Tablet Magazine's "black jews get their own siddur"

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Friday Night Siddur cover

 Hokhmath Israel Friday Night Siddur

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