Siddur Hokhmath Israel: First African Jewish Siddur by Rabbi Yehudah BenLewi featuring the unique customs and traditions of African Jews in the Diaspora. Prayers, Rabbis of importance with translation, transliteration and Hebrew including a pronunciation guide. Get yours now @

Siddur Hokhmath Israel: Preview and Purchase

Enjoy excerpts of commentary  from ‘Siddur Hokhmath Israel.

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Siddur Hokhmath Israel blue laminate cover-grey border

The order of lighting candles for the Shabbat.

Li'l Shabbat: The history of lighting candles on the Shabbat and traditions for blessings. West African Jewish customs.

Reciting the Shema for Shabbat evening service.

Blessings of the recital for the Shema and it's recital on the Shabbat. Ritual prayers in Judaism for Sabbath services. Siddur Hokhmath Israel. Rabbi Yehudah BenLewi

Why we are not required to recite the ‘Modeh Ani’ blessing upon awaking.

MOdeh Ani: Hebrew blessing upon rising is not a requirement. Why West African Jewish tradition does not recite "I offer thanks".

Halakha and customs on the Aliyoth (approaching the bima to read Torah on Shabbat).

West African Jewish Siddur halakha on Shabbat Service Aliyoth_ Order of Torah reading service on Shabbat, Sabbath In Judaism.

Gain insight into history, Halakha and West African Minhagim.  Enjoy a more meaningful, tradition-rich Shabbath!

Jewish children reading West African Jews of the Diaspora's Hokhmath Israel Shabbat Siddur
We are now offering a revised version of the complete Shabbath siddur in a blue laminate cover. We are no longer producing the limited edition leather bound version pictured

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You will receive the “Hokhmath Israel” Complete Shabbath Siddur feauring  a beautiful blue laminate cover.  Minimum donation: $ 45.75

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West African Jews of the Diaspora's Hokhmath Israel Shabbath Siddur; Featured in Tablet Magazine's "black jews get their own siddur"

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