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Does the Jew Have to Wear A Kippah?

Does the bible require Israelite Jewish men to wear headcoverings or a kippah/ Yarmukle in Hebrew scriptures?

  Key Factors One Should Know about Keeping the ‘Law’ of Wearing a Kippah   You might find it interesting to know that the Torah nor the HaZaL (sages of Israel) make it an obligation for Israelite/Jewish men to wear a kippah (head covering). It …

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Should Jews Recite the Kol Nidre In Contradiction to the Torah?

Jews on Yom Kippur in Israel

Should Jews recite the Kol Nidre on Yom Kippur and what does the Torah say about honoring our vows? The opening prayer of  popular, modern Judaism’s Yom Kippur is the Kol Nidrei (or Kol Nidre) (pronunced: coal nee-dray) which is the   “annulment of vows” …

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The Rosh Hashannah Simanim, the “Soul Food” of Redemption

Symbolic Foods for Rosh HaShannah Simanin- Judaism's High Holy Days and the welcoming of the Jewish New Year

The Rosh Hashannah Simanim, Is Certainly ‘Soul food’ Both Literally and Symbolically. Throughout the history of mankind and across all cultures, symbols have been used to express an awareness of the Creator and the creative forces that benefit mankind.  These expressions resulted in symbolic stories …

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Rabbi Yehudah BenLewi Releases First West African Jewish Prayer Siddur!

West African Jews of the Diaspora Releases Shabbat Prayer Siddurs for Shabbat evening and the complete services

West African Jews of the Diaspora proudly announces the release of our Siddur Projects. Authored by Rabbi Yehudah Ben Lewi, our Friday Night Siddur and complete Shabbath Siddur are monumental projects in the history of West African Jewry.  The Siddurim celebrate our rich history as …

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