Ten Quick Rules of Sukah Building

Let’s briefly and informally address the laws of building a Sukah. The Sukah must have:

  1. Four complete walls,
  2. Be big enough for a person to sit and eat in,
  3. Be at least 23-28 inches wide,
  4. The walls must the same height as the Sukah,
  5. The height of the walls must be at least 10 tefahim/about 32-40 inches high
  6. Sticks are preferred for building a Sukah, but any material can be used
  7. The floor must be smooth,
  8. The material for the roof (sekhakh) must cover a least 50% of the roof for shade,
  9. The roof must have spaces throughout to view the stars and moon light of the night.
  10. the material of the roof must be made from plants.

Here’s a video by The Sukkah Project to inspire you and give you some ideas on the types of sukahs you can build (or purchase)

*Your personal rabbi, should be consulted for more details, in addition to the basics that we have covered above.*

Watch this video of  Rabbi, Capers Funnye of Beth Shalom B’Nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation in Chicago, Illinois) showing a child how to shake the Lulav and speaking on global Judaism, the African-American Jewish community and his Jewish experience and his work with Jewish communities in Africa.

See this super cool Sukoth graphic by Aish for more tips

If you have any further questions please contact Rabbi Yehudah in the comments below.

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